Following successful completion of the CONSULTING AND COACHING FOR CHANGE programme, you will:

  • Broaden your repertoire of intervention approaches. You will be exposed to multidisciplinary approaches to change at individual, group, organisational and societal levels. You will add more colours to your palette by working with multiple theoretical frameworks, methods and interventions. 
  • Develop sustainable organisations. You will explore how to work with wisdom, courage and humanity as you build attractive, sustainable organisations that are meaningful to all stakeholders.
  • Enhance your capacity for critical thinking. You will explore new ideas and integrate them into your practice, building a cognitive edge that can reframe change challenges.
  • Sharpen your reflection and develop your self-awareness so that you gain more self confidence as a change agent in complex contexts. Our program seeks to deepen personal insight so that you can work with others more effectively during change. You will make sense of your own change practice from a theoretical perspective, developing your identity as a change agent and understanding how the self can be a powerful instrument for change.

Learning Methods

The approach is multidisciplinary, linking the social sciences and management theory to practical situations. You will think differently as you draw upon relevant concepts from psychology, psychoanalysis, anthropology, sociology, philosophy and more. You will apply these concepts in practice through:
  • Case studies given by academics, practitioners and participants based on their personal experience.
  • Interactive learning sessions and exchanges with leading thinkers and reflective practitioners from around the world.
  • Action learning and intensive tutored study
 The depth and breadth of outlook of a top international faculty combine to provide an unrivalled learning experience.

Programme Content

  • Module 1
    Rethinking Change
    Paris - December
    Module 2
    Self as an instrument for change
    Oxford - January
    Module 3
    Group Dynamics and Collaboration
    Paris - March
  • Module 4
    Location TBC - May
    Module 5
    Resilience and Failure
    Oxford - June
    Module 6
    Systemic Change
    Location TBC - September
  • Module 7
    Practicum in consulting and coaching for change
    Paris - April


World-renowned faculty, expert change practitioners, and fellow participants will all contribute to your learning experience.
Over twenty faculty and industry experts with diverse backgrounds contribute to the programme including: Marc Thompson, Official Fellow at Green Templeton College where he co-directs the Future of Work programme; and Mathis Schulte, Associate Professor of Management & Human Resources, HEC Paris.
For further information on our faculty, please download the brochure. 

Programme Directors

  • Marc ThompsonAcademic Co-director, Saïd Business School


    "There hasn’t been a more important time to get involved in courageous conversations about change."

  • Mathis SchulteAcademic Co-director, HEC Paris


    "What I really like about this programme is the sense of community amongst participants."

Download the brochure

Research and events

Discover the latest insights from our experts on a wide range of change management topics.

Latest articles


Promoting Balance in the Workplace and Beyond

Before leaving her job at Areva, Chantho spent nearly a year thinking about how to create and found Human In Project, a coaching and consulting company that focuses on the human dimension of organizations. Taking the leap and launching the company, has enabled her to learn some key lessons about entrepreneurship.


After graduating with a Master in Economics, Renaud Prodel began his career in finance and auditing at Deloitte, where he had the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies such as Accor, Total and Peugeot, as well as many different types of people. After eight successful years, Renaud was ready for a new challenge and joined Robert Half International in Paris.


Raw, unfinished, and messy: applying design thinking to the patient experience at the John Radcliffe Hospital

‘Design thinking’: it sounds so clear and clean, so intellectual and theoretical.

But as participants from the Consulting and Coaching for Change programme found out in July 2018, design thinking in practice means engaging with messiness and complexity, and a huge range of motivations and sometimes surprising human emotions.

Information sessions are regularly held in Paris. They provide an opportunity to meet the Academic Director, other future candidates, our Programme Advisor and CCC alumni, who will share their experience of the programme.

For more information about the next information session, please contact Anders Gezelius, gezelius@hec.fr.